Due to very high demand we are currently unable to offer accommodation on an instalment basis. Until further notice, we will only be accepting applications on a 'payment in full' basis.

We are also unable to offer in-person viewings of our accommodation. Instead, please use the virtual tour feature on this website.

Your Questions, answered :)

We've tried to answer your questions below. If we have missed anything, please email us with your enquiry.

Book a viewing

How do I book a viewing?

You can book a viewing by calling us on +44 207 952 6385 or by dropping us an email to info@yarastudents.com

How do I cancel or re-arrange my viewing?

Give us a call or drop us an email. Easy as that!

Can I book a room without a viewing?

Absolutely. However, we would always recommend booking a viewing so that you are 100% happy with our rooms and residence but not everyone can attend so please view our web site to see and learn more.

How long does a viewing take?

Usually 15 to 30 minutes. However, the team are happy to spend as much time as is needed assisting you with your booking.

What will I be shown on my viewing?

All communal areas and room types requested (depending on availability at the time).

What are the room sizes?

Yara Central Holland Park approximate room size:

  • Standard Studio: 16 to 19 Sqm
  • Premium Studio: 17 to 22 Sqm (ground floor premium studio come with private enclosed garden)
  • Premium Plus Studio: 17 to 26 Sqm (some rooms available with balcony)

Yara Lewisham approximate room size:

  • Standard Bedroom: 14.00 TO 14.50 SQM
  • Premium Bedroom: 23 SQM
  • Standard Studio: 17.00 TO 17.50 SQM (Room sizes may vary on the top floor)
  • Premium Studio: 17.1 TO 20.5 SQM
  • Premium Plus Single Studio: 20.5 TO 25.00 SQM
  • Premium Plus Couple Studio: 20.5 TO 25.00 SQM

Book a room

How do I book a room?

You can book a room online here. It should take you 10 minutes max.

What do you need from me to book a room (Booking Process)?

It is a simple four-step process:

  1. Apply Online
  2. Choose your location
  3. Select your preferred room type and floor level
  4. To secure a room in our residence you are required to pay £350.00 holding deposit. This deposit is refundable after your contract ends and upon check out.

NOTE: If you're requesting to pay by instalments, please provide the UK guarantor's information. A UK Guarantor’s name, address & email address, phone numbers. This person acts as a backup if you can’t pay your rent (please note that a Guarantor is not needed if making payment in full). Email us if you have any questions regarding Guarantor to pay in Instalments. UK based guarantor has to be working full time and living in UK and be able to provide address proof and income proof with a photo ID.

Once you have paid your deposit via our online payment gateway you will receive a contract to the email address used when booking with the rent amount and payment due dates. Sign the contract and email us back a scanned copy of the first and last page of your contract. To confirm your room you are required to provide the above within 7 days of placing your booking.

Guarantor documents required as below.
1. Ensure that you (and your guarantor if you have one) carefully read and sign the Agreement (signature is required on page 10)
2. Bring the hard copy of this contract with the relevant guarantor documents (if applicable) and collect your key at reception.

If you need a guarantor we will require you to submit copies of the following documents with your signed contract:
1. Photographic ID of guarantor:
- Passport
- National identity card

2. Proof of address in the form of a utility bill for your guarantor (proof of address which must be valid within the last 3 months):
- Electricity bill
- Water bill
- Council tax bill

3. Proof of salary or income (one of the below)
- Salary slip
- Bank statement reflecting salary paid in
- HMRC self assessment for the last year if the guarantor is self employed (Please note we will not accept mobile phone bills and/or credit card statements as proof of address)


Can I live in your residence?

You must be a full time student, and 18 years or older at check in. You can book with us whether you have a conditional or unconditional offer. However, please be aware of our cancellation policy prior to booking should your place at university not yet be confirmed. You will need to provide a council tax exception letter/certificate once you have moved in.

What are your contract lengths?

Our rooms are available on 43 and 51 week lets only.

Do you provide summer accommodation?

Yes we do have rooms available for summer lets; click on summer lets link on our website home page.

Can I sub-let my room for the summer?

We do not allow students to sublet their rooms throughout their contract with us.

Do I need to have a UK-based guarantor?

Yes, if you choose to pay in instalments. If you choose to pay annually then you do not need to have a valid guarantor.


Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, if you have a UK based guarantor you can pay in three instalments. Students without a guarantor are required to pay their rent in full.

What is my booking fee?

Once you check in your booking fee will be converted to a refundable damage deposit. To find out more about how your deposit works, please visit the Deposit Protection Service website.

What is the damage deposit for?

This amount is a refundable deposit taken to ensure that during your tenancy the fabric of your room is kept to an acceptable standard, taking into consideration wear and tear. A full list of charges on check out is available on your student arrival pack which will be in your room on arrival.

What's included in my rent?

Your fabulous studio, all bills, internet (30Mb broadband), 24 hour presence, and our friendly management team's support.

What's not included in my rent?

Pizza on demand or any food, laundry costs (wash £2, dry £1.50 might need to double check this), TV licence, parking, room-cleans.

How can I pay my rent?

You will be able to pay your rent online through your application process by credit or debit card. If you are having any issues please email our management team at info@yarastudents.com

Can I change my rent instalment plan?

No. However, if you are struggling to make your payments, please see a member of the management team to discuss alternative arrangements.

Can I pay my rent with my student loan?

Our payment due dates should be in line with student loan payments. However, if this is not the case please speak to a member of the management team.

How can I find out how much I owe?

You can see a full breakdown of payments made and due through your application process and is sent to you via email in your AST contract upon bookig.

What if I don't pay?

We will take legal action in accordance with your contract.


Can I live with my friends?

Yes, we do accept bookings for rooms on the same floor or adjacent to each other, some studios are suitable for double occupancy, please call and check with or staff.

Is there a discount for doing group bookings?

Unfortunately not.

How do you decide who I live with?

Rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Should you have preferences we would be happy to consider those on application. However, meeting those expectations is based on availability at the time of booking.

Do you allow couples?

Yes, we do. To book a joint occupancy you will need to contact the management team directly. Some of our Premium Plus room at Yara Central Holland Park is ideal for couples.

Can I choose which room I live in within the residence?

No. However, we endeavour to meet your requests depending on the availability at the time of booking so you can choose the room type.

Move in

Can I move in before my contract starts?

In many cases we can allow people to move in early at a daily rate, but you will need to contact the residence team to check.

What do I need to bring with me on arrival?

All your stuff! The room is furnished but you will need to bring items such as kitchen utensils, linen and all your other worldly belongings.

What documents are required for me to move in?

We require Your original signed AST Contract (Guarantor documents copies as listed in email you receive with AST contract), a copy of your passport, visa and university acceptance letter and rent payment confirmation, without these you will not be able to check-in at the residence.

Is there somewhere to park when I am unpacking?

Unfortunately we don't have onsite parking however there are parking meters outside both our properties.

Will there be someone to collect my keys from?

Yes, the team will be there to help you on arrival. If you are arriving out of hours, let us know via email in advance, but you will still be greeted by a member of staff.

Can I change rooms if I am not happy with my allocated room?

Yes you can. However, there are no moves until 4 weeks after the contact start date and there is an administration charge of £50. There is some flexibility on this if there are cultural reasons or in exceptional circumstances. Please be aware that this is subject to availability.

What do I need?

What cooking equipment is supplied?

A conventional microwave and induction hob. Kitchens are supplied with under the counter fridge and freezers.

What kitchen equipment is not supplied?

Crockery, utensils, pots/pans and other small appliances. We do not provide kettles and toasters. Kitchens are supplied with under the counter fridge and freezers

Is there somewhere to park when I am unpacking?

Yes, for limited periods of time. Further information on arrivals will be emailed to you two weeks before check-in so that you can plan accordingly.

Is bedding supplied?

No, you will need to bring your own bedding. Nearly all our rooms have a large size bed so you will need to bring double size bedding. Please call us before arriving as some residences have smaller beds.

Can I personalise my room?

As long as you are able to return it to its original state on check-out or you will be charged for damages.

Can I bring my own washing machine/tumble dryer?

No, there are laundry facilities on site.

Can I bring a pet?

We love fluffy animals but we do not allow tenants to bring pets into the building. You'll have to make do with a teddy bear.

Are there laundry facilities?

Yes. A wash costs £2.50 and a dry £1/hour. Our laundry services are provided by Circuit. You will need to buy a top up card (£5 of credit) before you are able to use the machines.

Is there a post service?

Yes, you will have a post box in reception for your flat. Parcels can be delivered to reception. However, please be aware of our postal policy in using this service.

Where can I smoke?

Outside, and at least 5 metres from any wall. Our buildings are non-smoking and incidents of smoking indoors will be dealt with strictly.

Do I have Wifi?

Yes, WiFi comes as standard.

Is a TV provided?

In communal lounge has a TV with Freeview TV subscription and TV licence. However, we do not provide a TV licence for rooms and student are responsible for paying for this annual charge.

Will my room be cleaned?

At Yara Students we have a housekeeping team; they will clean all communal areas in the residence. This does not include your room or communal Kitchens. We do however offer in-room cleans for an additional charge which can be booked at the front desk.

Who is responsible for cleaning the communal areas?

We are.

Can we have a party?

Yes, as long as you are mindful of other students living in the building and clean up after yourselves. However, you must first ask permission from the residence team so that they know what is happening in the building and one person must take responsibility for any issues.

What are the guest policies?

Yara Students residences are your home so you are occasionally allowed to have one guest staying over at any one time, but we would ask you to respect your fellow residents and notify accommodation staff. All guests will need to sign in and provide valid identification to be given access to the residence. You cannot sublet your room to another person. Subject to your AST contract If a guest stay more than 5 nights per month you will have to pay rent for the remaining days of their stay which is £41 per night.

Can I park on site?

There is no permanent parking on site.

What other charges can I expect?

You will have to pay for laundry, your TV licence and any upgrades to internet packages you may require.

What hours can I use the courtyard or roof terrace?

The courtyard is open from 8am-11pm.

Is there a curfew?

No, you can come and go as you please however remember to be considerate of other students in the residence.

Will I have a phone in my room?

Phones are not provided in-room; if you have a visitor or food delivery you will have to come to the building main door to open the door for them.


How do I report maintenance?

You can report maintenance at the front desk, by email or by phone.

What happens once I have reported maintenance?

As stated in our first promise, when things go wrong in our buildings we will fix them quickly and cheerfully - we aim to do just that!

How do I report a maintenance issue out of hours?

Via email and we'll deal with it first thing in the morning. If it is an emergency please call the emergency number provided to you in your welcome book.

Who can I speak to if I have a personal problem?

There is always someone to speak to if you have a problem. In the first instance your university student support team may be best equipped to offer you advice.

If you want to speak to someone anonymously about a problem, you can call the Samaritans helpline on: 08457 90 90 90.

Move out

What do I need to do before I move out?

Book your check-out appointment at reception, over the phone or email giving at least 7 days' notice. The appointments usually take place between 9am and 5pm - don't worry it only takes around 15 minutes!

Can I pay extra for my room to be cleaned?

Yes. Your room must be left in the same state as when you arrived to avoid charges to your damage deposit. Please contact the management team to request details for our trusted affordable supplier who will be able to provide check-out cleans.

How do I return my keys?

Hand them in at reception on check-out.

Will I get a deposit returned to me?

Yes, provided your room is left in the same state in which you found it on check-in. A list of charges that may be applicable are available in your arrival pack.

Can I store stuff in my room and collect it later?

Unfortunately not. Information is available at reception about storage/forwarding companies, as we do not have available storage space onsite, even if you have re-booked for next year.

Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel my application?

All cancellations must be sent in writing for the attention of the Property Manager at info@yarastudents.com with full details of your name and the accommodation booking you wish to cancel.

If you cancel within 7 days of paying the deposit you can cancel and receive the full refund (less bank charges).

You are not permitted to cancel your booking after more than 7 days have elapsed from your deposit payment or after you have checked in/or after contract start date. If you have not already done so you remain under an obligation to sign your tenancy agreement on line and to comply with your obligations set out therein until the end of the contract dates or you have found a suitable alternative replacement to take over your contract.

If you decide not to occupy your accommodation and do not inform us we will charge you £350 and your rent up to the date that a new tenant can be found.


If you are unable to take up your residence at any of the Yara Student properties because you have contracted Covid-19 and you wish to cancel or postpone your accommodation, then you must provide a medical certificate from a UK-based medical doctor confirming your Covid-19 diagnosis. Once we have been provided with a certificate we will then consider your cancellation or postponement based upon the date you contact us and provide us with your medical certificate. If you are unable to provide a medical certificate as describe then we will not be able to consider your request for cancellation or postponement.

If you wish to cancel or postpone your contract with us because your visa to study in the UK has not been granted, then you must send us a copy of the notification not to grant a visa.

If you wish to cancel or postpone your contract with us because your University course is cancelled or you do not achieve the grades you need to secure a place, then you must send us a copy of the letter from your University stating the same.

If you wish to cancel or postpone your contract with us because Covid-19 related travel restrictions prevent you from attending your University and/or course, then you must provide us with written proof of your current residency as well as proof of your University place.

In all instances of Covid-19 related cancellations or postponements, Yara Student management reserves the right to require further written proof from you of your circumstances/situation that invokes this offer from us of cancellation or postponement. All decisions made by Yara Student management with regards to Covid-19 related cancellation or postponement will be final.

Assured Accommodation

Yara Student operates to conform with the ANUK National Code of Standards for Student Accommodation

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