Living in a Yara Students building means that you benefit from no hidden costs because we include the price of all of your utility bills and wireless internet access into the price of your room.

The Yara Student Experience

Yara Central Holland Park

Opened in the summer 2014, Yara Central accommodates 84 students in the heart of England's capital city. Our student accommodation located in the exclusive Holland Park area is designed to deliver the highest standard of student living,

Yara Lewisham

Opening in September 2018 Yara Lewisham offers high quality, all inclusive university student accommodation in the heart of London.

Affordable and flexible for all students

Example - Holland Park - 51 week contract start date 14th September 2018

A booking fee of £350* is required when booking accommodation. This will be converted into a deposit on move in date.
* Admin & Processing Fees on any payments 3.45%. **Unless booking is less than 7 days from move in date.

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